AMZ and the LR Devs have been in extended talks about problems with the US West database and issues that require a complete new database for US West servers. There is no way for us to retain the character information to corporate it into a new US West server database.
We do understand that the 3 hour difference is quite a difference in regards to events and the players' ability to attend events, so the decision to only continue with US East servers, is not one that was made lightly but we do wish to focus on LR content and updates. Combining the two regions into one will mean more players on US east servers which we do see as beneficial to the players.Because the US West players are a valuable part of our gaming community and they have put a lot of time and effort into their characters, we are making the unusual step of giving them the option to create a new character on ANY region server of their choice and we will compensate them based around their recharging and level of their character on the US West server, on the new server and character they choose to play on. Normally it would be restricted to newer servers only.

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